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1987, The Beacon Herald

Stratford and area builders form new association -
Matt McCann has been working since June to form the Stratford & Area Home Builders’ Association which held its’ first meeting last night with 32 people in attendance.
Along with Bill Dinsmore from Union Gas, Mr. McCann, Project Manager of McCann Construction Company, has sent out letters to companies who might be interested in forming a home builders association.
“We had a great response” said Mr. McCann.
The President of the Ontario Home Builders’ Association, Hugh Herron and the Past President Tom Cochrane along with David Horton, of the association spoke to the 40 people interested in a local association.
There have been attempts to form a home builders’ association in the past, said Mr. McCann, but they had been unsuccessful.
The organizer said the association will not only help the builders who will work together as a group, but will assist consumers. Mr. McCann said to become a member, a firm will have to be “in good standing” in the community.
“We don’t just let anyone in” he said.
London, Kitchener and Woodstock are the closest home builders associations to Stratford.
The new executive includes president Matt McCann, of McCann Construction, vice – president Don Brown, of Don Brown Homes, executive officer Bill Dinsmore of Union Gas, secretary – treasurer Julie Jackson – Van Ness, of A. J. Jackson Construction, directors Doug Bender of Doug Bender Construction, Ron Belliveau, of Ed Belliveau Construction, Joe Vainisi, of Gisapelt Construction, Gary Marsh, of Marsh Construction and membership committee Jerry James, of Strassburger, Bill Bourne of Dashwood Industries and Bob Querengesser, of Aiken and Brewer Lumber.
The next meeting will be held Nov. 18 when a guest speaker and discussion about recruiting members and current building issues in Stratford will be on the agenda.