SABA Supports and guides member businesses to success

About SABA

What We Do

SABA connects and represents the business and best practice interests of over 110  firms operating in the residential and light commercial construction industry.  SABA services the greater Stratford Area and Perth County.  SABA members prescribe to a code of ethics and are involved in the association in varying capacities.

One Membership, Three Levels of Service

While SABA represents over 110 firms, we draw additional strength on provincial and federal housing and construction matters of interest to the public from representation at the provincial and federal level.   We are integrated seamlessly with Ontario Home Builders Association, and the Canadian Home Builders Association.  

Our History


Established in 1987. a group of builders and allied professionals came together to form the association.  Over the last 30 plus years the association has grown to include many firms associated with building the community of Stratford and Perth County.    To view the story of the founding and formative days of the association and the record from the Beacon Herald, click below.

Board of Directors Leadership

Board President


John Meinen has been building homes for 30 years.  John has served the OHBA as President and has been Board President of SABA four times.  John will serve as CHBA chair for 2020-2021 

1st Vice President


Montana Wilson is a licensed professional engineer and department manager at MTE Consultants Inc. in Stratford.  Montana will be Board President in October 2019 and serve SABA through 2020

2nd Vice President


Heather Galloway is the proud owner of Simply Divine Designs in Stratford.   Heather provides design services to many SABA members and will assume Board President in October 2020


SABA is well served by a Board of Directors of 11.   Elected at the annual general meeting each October, they serve a 1 year term.    The Directors of SABA are as follows:

Board President          John Meinen

1st Vice President      Montana Wilson

2nd Vice President    Heather Galloway 

Director                            Larry Otten

Director                            Matt Feeney

Director                            Robyn Schieckoff 

Director                            Melissa Schenk

Director                            Courtney Teahen

Director                            Jake VanKooten

Director                            Cory Williiamson

Director                            Gary Lingard

Ex Officio                         Derek Smith, Executive Officer

                                               Don McNeil, Accounting and Finance